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NASKARZ is an award winning program designed to promote social inclusion of young people from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside into automotive, social and educational opportunities. NASKARZ is a partnership between Ray-Cam Cooperative Centre, Vancouver Community College and Vancouver Police Department Insurance Corporation of BC credits NASKARZ as one of the initiatives that led to 71% multiyear reduction in car-theft in Vancouver.

Over that last 6 months the program has been working with the Surrey School Board and staff from Queen Elizabeth high school to provide at-risk and vulnerable youth with training, mentorship and support to help youth further their education and continue on to graduation and college.

Rick’s Heart Foundation supports these efforts as they align with the foundation and it goals of reducing poverty and the struggles associated with it. As a direct result of this support the NASKARZ program has received two storage containers and equipment and tools at no charge.

A community-based program cannot survive without support and the service they provide is second-to-none. You can be a supporter and a community hero just like Rick and the wonderful people at Rick’s Heart Foundation, in your community supporting amazing organizations and helping youth reach their amazing potential.

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