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Surrey Poverty Relief & Outreach

Rick’s Heart Foundation extends practical care and personal outreach to Surrey’s most vulnerable. We focus on homelessness, addiction, children and families.

Charity Partners

Warmth in winter, support for addiction recovery, safety for children. Let’s surround the vulnerable in Surrey with a loving community

We live in a vibrant and beautiful city. But it’s overshadowed by one of the highest rates of homelessness and drug use in the country.
Rick’s Heart knows that anyone can end up on the streets. A daughter, a son, a grandchild. We can work together to end this.

Homeless Support

Addiction Recovery

Children’s Club

Support for the Homeless in Surrey

Despite shelters for the homeless in Surrey, many remain on the streets every night — sleeping rough, exposed to the elements, risking death.
We can better their conditions by providing warmth, food, and safety. And when any one of Surrey’s homeless is ready for help to get off the streets, we must be the bridge.

Taking Love to the Surrey Streets: the Mobile Mission with Impact Van

The Mobile Mission with Impact van meets those in the Surrey community who are living on the streets.
Through an initiative with the John Volken Academy, the Mobile Mission delivers clothing, sleeping bags and other volunteer services.
But the mobile mission goes beyond delivering sustenance.
Mobile Mission volunteers develop meaningful relationships so they can connect those living on the street with shelter, training, addiction services, and more.
If you have a heart for the homeless in Surrey, please help the Mobile Mission with a donation.
“Since we started the Mobile Mission in 2020, we’ve been able to help at least 11 people in Surrey get off the streets.”

Surrey Outreach through Union Gospel Mission

The Union Gospel Mission (UGM) is a charitable organization dedicated to overcoming poverty, homelessness, and addiction — one life at a time.
In Vancouver and surrounding areas, UGM provides:
Rick’s Heart has funded a UGM outreach van for the city of Surrey and provides shipping services to help UGM distribute donations.
UGM provides an outsized impact to communities in need. By making even a small donation, you can provide much-needed services for Surrey’s people in need.

from living in a tent to a place in the sanctuary

H. was living in a tent off of 146 Street in Surrey, battling a decade-long addiction to heroin.

One of UGM’s volunteers, Nathan, took the time to listen to her story. Every week, Nathan would go to visit H., and eventually, he developed a connection to her.

One day, H. said she’d had enough with heroin controlling her life. Nathan was there to offer that support when she was finally ready to move on and live a new life. That was when H. stepped into the van for the first time and came back to Union Gospel Mission with him.

There, the team at the Women & Families Centre was able to shelter her and to get medication to cope with the withdrawal symptoms while she waited to enter UGM’s stabilization program, the Sanctuary.


Surrey Urban Mission

The Surrey Urban Mission is dedicated to the marginalized in our Whalley community.
Founded in 1995, it was the first organization in Surrey to give food to the homeless in the area. Surrey Urban Mission serves three meals a day and runs a 50-bed shelter.
Through these initiatives, the mission develops deep connections with the homeless.
Rick’s Heart supports Surrey Urban Mission by providing transport for the mission’s team and delivery of donated items.
If you donate today, your gift will be put to work immediately to help the homeless in the Whalley area.

Called to touch their lives

I think that we as a church need to become responsible for caring for the poor. But I also think that our call is greater than that.

Christ has called us to get to know the poor. Not just from a distance — not just by throwing money at them. But by actually touching their lives.

If people could wrap their heads around this and not live in their easy Christianity. But instead, let it be messy. Let it be dirty. Let it be difficult. They would get the chance to love people as Christ has called them to love.


Drug and Alcohol Addiction Services in Surrey

Addiction is a public health emergency in British Columbia and Surrey has the second-highest rate of drug use in the province, next to that of downtown Vancouver.

Harm reduction is vital. But it’s not enough to just keep people alive. We must also build meaningful connections and a bridge to sobriety, surrounded by a caring community.

The focus of Rick’s Heart Foundation addiction programs is this:

To give support to drug and alcohol dependents who are not yet able to help themselves. And when they are ready for change, to be there with meaningful help.

Sponsoring Effective Addiction Recovery at John Volken Academy

The John Volken Academy (JVA) is an effective, long-term, residential addiction treatment for young men and women.
The JVA surrounds residents with holistic programs to heal and develop:
Over a two-year program, participants are supported to get sober and stay sober — with the skills to lead a happy, successful life.
While receiving treatment to address the root causes of addiction, participants learn life skills, job skills, advance their education, and build character.
The rehabilitation program is at no cost and partly supported by enterprises run by residents, as part of the skill-building component of the program.
Residents learn how to run and operate a furniture store and a moving company. They learn how to run a ranch, raise bison, do butcher work. They learn how to bake bread and run their own bakery.
However, the JVA also relies on sponsors to keep this program open to young people committed to changing their lives.
This year, Rick’s Heart has sponsored students in the program by donating shipping, excursions for the students, supplies/clothing for the students, and financial donations.
To help students with their addiction recovery, simply donate to the John Volken Academy.

A testament to how heart-powered visionaries can transform a vulnerable world

In 2006, I was sending an urgent email to Ghana on the only available computer in the entire Neuro Department at Vancouver General Hospital.

Just then, a man leaned on the door and asked, “Whatcha doin’?”

I thought, “Oh no, there’s that patient’s crazy husband.” But what I said was, “I’m sending an email to Africa!”

He was interested. “Why?”

I explained that KBNF was shipping containers packed with donated medical equipment and supplies to Ghana.

“Who does your transportation?” he asked.

I said, “Oh, we’re doing it. It’s killing us financially. We’re going bankrupt having to pay for the rental of the trucks.”

“Well, do you know who I am? Do you know what I do?”

I did not know what he did.

He said, “I own Diamond Delivery. We’ll do all of your transportation for you in British Columbia.”

I said, “You will?”

Rick said, “Yeah. We would love to.”

That was the beginning, and he’s never broken his promise.

In transportation costs alone, they have invested nearly $500,000 dollars in our foundation.

Hospitals will donate massive equipment like exquisite neurosurgery microscopes worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and Rick’s transportation team brings it over. We ask and it’s done yesterday.

Rick has a partnership with the firefighters in Kamloops and he asked me one day, “Would Liberia like an ambulance?”

“Would they like an ambulance?” I said. “Would I like a lottery ticket that wins?”

That guy. His heart. He lives in his heart.

Our partnership over 15 years is a testament to how heart-powered visionaries can transform a vulnerable world.

Rick’s Heart has given immeasurable hope to people in need of emergency care. On behalf of each patient and their loved ones, we are so grateful.

— Marj Ratel, Founder, and President, KBNF

Children & Youth Programs

At Rick’s Heart, we want every child to grow up with the opportunity to thrive — and every family in our city to feel cared for.
Rick’s Heart Foundation supports children’s initiatives that build community, belonging, and connection in Surrey.

Giving Surrey’s At-Risk Kids a Place to Play: Sponsoring the Boys and Girls Clubhouse

Surrey’s Boys and Girls Club gives our kids a place to be amazing, safe, and have fun.
Through the club, kids in Surrey get a chance to build and maintain positive relationships, experience new opportunities, overcome barriers, develop confidence and skills for life.
Surrey’s Club is especially important for children whose parents are stretched thin to provide. By making spaces available regardless of ability to pay, the Surrey Boys and Girls Club helps to even the playing field.
For Surrey kids at-risk (those whose parents struggle with addiction, mental illness, or unemployment), the Club is a safe place for the hours outside of school.
Rick’s Heart sponsors the Boys and Girls Clubhouse in South Surrey — a place where kids can learn and grow through play.
If you have a heart for the children of Surrey, please give.

Here’s how the Surrey Boys and Girls Club is changing kids’ lives

It’s so great to see the change in her demeanor

J.’s mom had a baby this year, making J. the oldest of four siblings in a year when her family was homeless for a time.

J. carries a lot of responsibility, and is a bit of a “momma bear” to her younger siblings – she helps take care of them at home and looks out for them at school and in our after-school program.

But, when J. comes to Girls Night and Pre-Teen Night, she gets to set aside that responsibility, hang out with her friends, and just be a kid. It’s so great to see the change in her demeanor when she comes to our evening programs. She has a smile on her face and is carefree.

Without our evening programs, J. wouldn’t get that same opportunity to just be with her peers and have time away from her siblings and responsibilities, and we’re so glad she’s able to find that space at the Surrey Boys and Girls Club.”

From club member to volunteer

L. has been at the club for as long as she can remember.

Though she has had a more difficult life than most, she has always come to the club willing to make connections with staff and participants alike.

This year, L. finally became old enough to volunteer with us at the club. She was very excited to give back to the people who have been there for her for many years.

Although it has looked a little different this year, we were able to set L. up as one of our youth volunteers. We’ve seen her grow and develop this term.

She has taken on the responsibility of being a volunteer with ease.”

Sometimes, all it takes is one program.

Z. has faced challenges controlling and managing his emotions and hasn’t always enjoyed group or team sports.

However, he participates in the Floor Hockey program. In this, he excels. He works towards his goal, uses strategies he’s learned to regulate himself, and thoroughly enjoys the games.

This has paved the way for a remarkable improvement in Z.’s coping skills. He will use these skills for the rest of his life.

Sometimes, all it takes is one program or one connection to help set a kid up for success.

Keeping Families Close: Sponsoring the Ronald McDonald Family Room in Surrey

The Ronald McDonald Family Room in the Surrey Memorial Hospital provides for the needs of families with children who are seriously ill.
When a child is hospitalized, families experience emotional turmoil, isolation, financial stress as well as physical stress from lack of sleep and regular meals.
To be near their child in hospital, many families have to travel and can’t go home at night.
The Ronald McDonald Room makes coping with a child’s hospitalization easier to bear.
Rick’s Heart Foundation sponsors the Ronald McDonald Room at Surrey Memorial Hospital — a room where over the past year:
To help families stay where they can be just a step away, please donate. Your gift keeps Surrey and Fraser Valley families together when it matters most.

Support Rick’s Heart

Foundation in Surrey

Rick’s Heart Foundation is a Surrey-based charity with a strong local mission. charities reaching the unreached. To give with us, make a donation.
Through our partnerships and the foundation’s own programs, we help transition the homeless off the streets, provide support for addiction recovery, and safe spaces for vulnerable families.
Today, we need your help because the vulnerable people in the Surrey community are struggling. Even the smallest donation you give can go a long way.

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