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Rick’s Heart Foundation supports Canadian Registered Charities reaching the unreached. We fund and help to deliver emergency, medical and relief donations around the world.

Charity Partners

Fire Trucks, ambulances, school supplies. We get essential donations where they’re needed most.

Canadians want to give. And we have so much. But too often, logistical hurdles stand in the way.
Rick’s Heart Foundation works with partner charities to make those “impossible” donations possible. All over the world.

Emergency Vehicles & Equipment

Medical Vehicles & Supplies

International Relief Supplies

Emergency Vehicles & Equipment

Firefighters around the world step into fires with virtually no protective gear and lives are lost because the expense of firetrucks is too great.
When Canadian fire departments donate used vehicles and protective equipment, we jump at the gift.
But getting those donations to fire departments around the world? That’s the tricky part.

Doubling the Impact of the Kamloops Firefighters Charitable Society

Kamloops firefighters volunteer and raise money for local causes and international relief.
They contribute to hospitals, run cold weather blanket programs, and provide gear to smaller fire departments, especially on First Nations reserves.
But their most significant impact has been in making possible the donations of emergency and medical vehicles to ship to communities in Central America and Africa.
Older emergency vehicles are ideal to donate. A firetruck from the 1980s will last for another 20 years. And while repairs to new emergency vehicles can cost $20,000, the older models can be easily repaired at a low cost.
Rick’s Heart provides financial and logistical support.
Through this partnership, the Kamloops Firefighters have been able to double their projects and impact, shipping almost 30 fire trucks and ambulances as of this year.
To help save lives abroad, donate to support our partnership with local firefighters.

It would have taken us an extra five years

When I first met Rick about 10 years ago, I thought, this guy can’t be for real.

Since then, I’ve grown to absolutely love Rick and what he’s done.

Rick is passionate about making as much money as he can. And he’s passionate about giving every single cent of that away.

When I say that he would give the shirt off of his back, I’ve actually seen him take his shirt off and give it to somebody.

Rick’s foundation has supported our Kamloops Firefighters Charitable Society by helping us ship emergency vehicles around the world.

They’ve helped with logistics and transportation for all of our containers.

We’ve got a mandate of shipping 33 fire trucks and ambulances to Central America and with Rick’s help, it will be very close to 30 this year.

A fire department will call us up and say, “Look, we’ve got this truck to donate. We’ll give it to you if you can have it delivered to a department within six months.”

Before, we couldn’t make that commitment because we were always struggling for funding.

Whereas now, all I need to do is pick up the phone and say, “Rick, can you help us get this ambulance to this community that doesn’t have anything?”

And he’ll ask, “Is this afternoon fast enough to get you that cheque?”

Since we’ve had Rick helping us out, we can get the containers and the firetrucks and everything delivered at almost the same rate as we can acquire these things.

Without Rick’s help, we would have shipped the 33 fire trucks, but it would have taken us an extra five years.

To me, there are so many organizations out there that do some great work, but with Rick’s Heart Foundation, it truly is Rick’s heart.

— David Sakaki, Founder, Kamloops Firefighters Charitable Society

The firefighters go to a fire with a T-shirt and a pair of shorts on.

Rick’s Heart Foundation included in the one container we shipped to Liberia a whole bunch of firefighters’ outfits, donated through the Kamloops Firefighter’s Charitable Society.

We spoke with the Minister of Justice, who’s in charge of the emergency services. He started crying, and he said, “Nobody has paid attention to the needs of our firefighters ever. You’re the first.”

He said, “The firefighters go to a fire with a T-shirt and a pair of shorts on.”

And here, Rick’s Heart Foundation helped send dozens of sets of firefighter’s equipment for each of them to wear. Each costs $10,000.

— Marj Ratel, Korle-Bu Neuroscience Foundation

Medical Vehicles & Supplies

In countries where medical care is limited, even ambulances are out of reach. Severely injured patients are transported on the backs of motorcycles or never reach a hospital at all.
That’s why Rick’s Heart Foundation supports the work of Korle-Bu.

15 Years of Giving with the Korle-Bu Neuroscience Foundation

Korle-Bu Neuroscience Foundation (KNFB) makes medical miracles — for those who need them most.
A Canadian charity, KNFB works to enhance brain and spinal medical care in West Africa and countries where neuroscience and emergency resources are scarce.
Over the past two decades, KBNF has:
Rick’s Heart Foundation helps KBNF by fundraising, matching donations, and shipping medical supplies and equipment across BC and internationally.

In 2019, we partnered with KBNF and Kelowna firefighters to send Liberia an ambulance (EMS-001).

KBNF named EMS-001, “Patrick”, after a young man who died from a spinal cord injury because of the lack of emergency medical vehicles in his home country.

With their new ambulance, Liberia has now deployed an amazing 90 member volunteer team that relies 100% on medical and equipment donations.

The ambulance shipped to Liberia was the first. Since then, we’ve shipped a second and a third in partnership with KBNF and the Kamloops firefighters.
Every ambulance is fully-outfitted with stretchers, incubators, oxygen tanks, and all of the medical equipment to save lives.
If you feel moved to support this essential work, donate directly to KNFB.

A testament to how heart-powered visionaries can transform a vulnerable world

In 2006, I was sending an urgent email to Ghana on the only available computer in the entire Neuro Department at Vancouver General Hospital.

Just then, a man leaned on the door and asked, “Whatcha doin’?”

I thought, “Oh no, there’s that patient’s crazy husband.” But what I said was, “I’m sending an email to Africa!”

He was interested. “Why?”

I explained that KBNF was shipping containers packed with donated medical equipment and supplies to Ghana.

“Who does your transportation?” he asked.

I said, “Oh, we’re doing it. It’s killing us financially. We’re going bankrupt having to pay for the rental of the trucks.”

“Well, do you know who I am? Do you know what I do?”

I did not know what he did.

He said, “I own Diamond Delivery. We’ll do all of your transportation for you in British Columbia.”

I said, “You will?”

Rick said, “Yeah. We would love to.”

That was the beginning, and he’s never broken his promise.

In transportation costs alone, they have invested nearly $500,000 dollars in our foundation.

Hospitals will donate massive equipment like exquisite neurosurgery microscopes worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and Rick’s transportation team brings it over. We ask and it’s done yesterday.

Rick has a partnership with the firefighters in Kamloops and he asked me one day, “Would Liberia like an ambulance?”

“Would they like an ambulance?” I said. “Would I like a lottery ticket that wins?”

That guy. His heart. He lives in his heart.

Our partnership over 15 years is a testament to how heart-powered visionaries can transform a vulnerable world.

Rick’s Heart has given immeasurable hope to people in need of emergency care. On behalf of each patient and their loved ones, we are so grateful.

— Marj Ratel, Founder, and President, KBNF

International Relief Supplies

In Canada, we enjoy a superabundance of material wealth. But too many of our still-useful goods end up in landfills, simply because they cannot be reused or recycled efficiently.
It’s an injustice that others do without when — with a little bit of resourcefulness and collaboration — we could redistribute what we no longer need.

Getting Relief Where it’s Needed with Compassionate Resource Warehouse

The Compassionate Resource Warehouse (CRW) is a 100% volunteer-run BC charity that collects and ships supplies to organizations in need around the world.
CRW delivers household supplies, medical supplies and equipment, school and children’s supplies, dehydrated foods, and more.
Since 2000, CRW has delivered more than 500 containers to well over 70+ countries.
Rick’s Heart Foundation has supported the work of CRW financially and by collecting donations of supplies for 15 years.
We cover the costs of shipping across the mainland at no cost.Reach out to CRW if you would like to help collect, sort, clean, repair, and load items that are shipped overseas. You can also help by donating funds or supplies. CRW relies on donations of all kinds from Canadian businesses.

The Foundation for the Children of Haiti was on a mission to send Christmas presents to the children at Hope Home in Haiti. Thanks to the incredible support of Diamond Delivery and Rick’s Heart Foundation, the packages arrived just in time. The children were absolutely overjoyed to see the unexpected truck arrive with their presents!

— Compassionate Resource Warehouse

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