During this quarantine season, the Heart For Music Program has brought joy, hope and sweet memories to our seniors in care homes. Since Heart For Music’s launch in February 2019, 100 residents in six care homes have begun to enjoy personal music playlists picked out specifically for them. 

With seniors living in care homes being cut off from the outside world, Heart For Music is one of the only recreational programs still running in some facilities. Family members have been relieved to know that their relatives are enjoying such an emotional and personalized program. 

Covid has actually opened more opportunities for this program as we are not providing any groups or gathering programs – rather more 1-1’s. This has provided more opportunity to offer this music program.”

~ Czorny Alzheimer Centre

What would our world be without lyric and melody? 

Music is a healing and connecting gift that reignites memories and emotions in the listener. Many music therapists and live musicians have no access to care homes right now, which makes Heart For Music an even more important endeavour. Listening to their favourite songs often re-awakens residents, and it allows staff to connect to them in ways that are otherwise impossible. 

Zion Manor: “They sing along, tap their toes, and the calming effect for those elders who are upset or agitated is beautiful!”

Zion Manor: “We built a wonderful playlist for EA with specifically chosen Caribbean music, jazz pieces and trumpet music (because he was a trumpet player). It was an extremely therapeutic process for his wife to go through his CDs and choose the specific songs that he liked the best. We were so excited the first time he listened to his music on the headset.”

Zion Manor: “GM sings along to the music. Staff say that by listening to the headset, this has focused and sparked something in her. Now she participates in a singalong program which she didn’t do before.”

Because of the generosity of many of you, this program has been piloted in these six care homes; Kinsmen Lodge, Elim Village, Zion Park, KinVillage, George Derby, and Czorny Alzheimer Centre. However, much expansion within the programs is still possible with your help. There are numerous non-profit senior homes in BC and now more than ever seniors are experiencing isolation and a lack of human interaction. Let’s work together to both aid the care home staff and give our seniors the gift of personal music that will provide joy for them in this uncertain time. 

We are raising funds to purchase equipment for this program including: headphones, personal devices, and a donation for the care home staff running the program. We are also collecting used working iPods, iPhones, MP3’s and iPads. 

Thank you for your donations and support which have helped make this all possible! 

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