“Music offers a sense of peace and joy.”

The Heart For Music Project is being offered to Not For Profit Care Homes throughout B.C. Rick’s Heart Foundation has initiated this project and gifts each care home with supplies and startup funds. Businessman and Philanthropist Rick Diamond believes that music is a powerful  tool that can bring joy and comfort to seniors living with dementia and to those who are lonely and isolated.

Seniors are set up with personal playlists with music that is meaningful to them. No two playlists are the same as it is identifying and providing each senior with THEIR OWN music that creates such wonderful responses to the music. Once the program is set up it is a wonderful way for families, staff and volunteers to bring smiles and contentment to seniors.

“I believe in the power of music. It brings people out of themselves. It brings them alive in a really special way.”

Sheila Harry, BMus, MTA, Kinsmen Lodge


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