Liberia Ambulance Update

Liberia Ambulance Update

The ambulance has been very active since it arrived in Liberia earlier this year. From Cross Country life saving trips too newborn Emergencies. We are so grateful for this partnership with Korle-Bu Neuroscience Foundation and Diamond Delivery. Together we are able to make this incredible impact on the lives of those living in Liberia, Africa.

Recently the Ministry of Health used the donated ambulance to take a 3 week old baby to Conakry, Guinea (676 kilometers and 12 hours of travel time) from Monrovia, Liberia through Sierra Leone. The baby was accompanied by 4 EMTs and one respiratory therapist from the Emergency Medical Response team to a children’s NICU there.

Here are few photos from the journey. 

Video catching the Ambulance in action at The JFK Hospital in Liberia

Boat For Hope

Boat For Hope

Rick’s Heart Foundation and Diamond Delivery were proud to be the Food & Beverage Sponsor of the 2019 Boat For Hope by Variety, BC.

What is Boat For Hope?

Variety – the Children’s Charity steps in where healthcare ends to directly support children who have special needs and their families in British Columbia. Every year, Variety receives over 1,300 requests for financial assistance to cover therapies, mobility and communication equipment, drug prescriptions, and out-of-town accommodation expenses during medical emergencies.

The Variety Boat for Hope event began in 1999; bringing together fundraising and fun while providing a one-of-a-kind boating experience to children who have special needs. They are proud to have hosted over 5,000 kids on the water and raised over $1.5 million dollars for Variety.

Raising Funds and Ship Sails…

Variety once again took to the high seas to provide 900 children who have special needs – from three communities – to an unforgettable day of boating and adventure. This year’s event was Saturday, June 8th in Vancouvre, BC.

The Variety Boat for Hope was a fun-filled day on the water, where children lived out their best pirate adventure. Kids of all ages hunted for treasure; filled their loot bags; and experienced life as it is meant to be…fun and exciting! The day was capped-off with a hearty barbecue, children’s activities and live entertainment.

The Variety Boat for Hope is about more than just a day in the sun. Through the generous support of local skippers, the business community, and heart-filled volunteers, funds are raised for the two months leading up to the event. Our corporate and community partners donate funds, products and employees’ time to help make Boat for Hope a one-of-a-kind experience for BC children and their families.

Enjoy this video of the incredible day!

Cycling For Sobriety

Cycling For Sobriety

Mat is attempting to set a world record for longest BMX bike ride. If successful, He will be the first person in the world to bike across Canada on a single speed BMX bike.

Mat left Halifax on May 1 and as of Aug 4 he is now in Ignac, Ontario. The finish line will be the Parliament Building in Victoria B.C. He is ‘Cycling For Sobriety” to create awareness for Recovery and Addiction. 

Mat’s Bio
I was born in Duncan on Vancouver Island. As a child I lived my life on bikes. I learned to ride without training wheels at 3 and you couldn’t get me off my bike. My Dad, my superhero, talented at cycling and mechanics, taught me how to fix bikes. My Dad was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis when I was 6 years old and from that day forward my life changed.
I moved to Terrace BC, when I was 7. I rode bikes trying to make friends. Some of these kids were older and they sexually abused and tortured me. I tried to hang myself at 8 to end my pain and confusion. Not long after my parents divorced. I blamed myself. My parents were going through a lot and as they tried to find solid ground, my sister and I were sent to live at a teacher’s house from our Christian school. I began to disconnect and people remarked that something was wrong with me.
In my teenage years I became an outcast. My social behaviors were odd. I wanted acceptance so badly that I started partying and hanging around with the wrong crowd. Hard drugs and drinking became my life at age 15. I lost a close friend and unable to process the pain of that loss in a healthy manner I simply did more drugs. I crashed my truck due to mixing drugs and medications. My mental health became negatively affected. I would hear voices and people were not there. I tried to hang myself off the Kelowna Bridge and a random stranger saved me.
My relationship with drugs and alcohol was torture – I was running from the same thing I was chasing. I lost my job, overdosed and ended up in the hospital.
While in the hospital my mom showed me a news clip about the John Volken Academy. All I heard was long term. I was sold because I knew I didn’t know how to live. Once I was through the doors of the John Volken Academy I felt safe. After 3 months I experienced great personal growth. It is not easy living in a Therapeutic Community, but it works. I learned to stay grounded and present within my body and my periods of blackouts lessened. I learned about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and finally at the age of 30 I got answers to why I mentally and emotionally suffered.
At the one-year mark I suffered more flashbacks. Through deeper trauma therapy, the teachings of the program and a lot of personal work I again experienced a surge of personal growth. This was a turning point for me. One day I saw students sitting around laughing and I was happy that they were happy. I began to make friends and learned to connect in a healthy manner.

Riding my BMX across Canada is a dream I’ve had from 7 years old. Now the dream is a reality. I want everyone to know you can change your life – sobriety is possible!

2019 All British Car Show

2019 All British Car Show

Naskarz had a booth at the ‘2019 Vancouver All-British Car Show’ on May 18, 2019

About the Event

Close to 500 classic cars showcase their classic lines and curves throughout the luscious lawns of VanDusen Botanical Garden on Saturday, May 18, each with a story to share under their boots and bonnets.

This spectacular gathering of classic cars only comes together once a year to swap stories, parts, pieces of nostalgia and possibly snag a “Best in Show.”

Dubbed “The Greatest Show on British Wheels,” the Vancouver All British Field Meet (ABFM) celebrated its 34th year on Saturday, May 18, 2019. Featured marques are Bentley, Mini and AJS Motorcycles.


At the event Rick’s Heart Foundation and Naskarz debuted the new “model car”, it was quite the crowd pleaser.

The kids at the show, picked a 1969 Jaguar owned by Mr. Hale of Victoria to receive the youth’s choice trophy.

The show had over 500 cars on display, and the show was well attended.

The kids spoke with many folks interested in the pink soapbox racer. Numerous kids sat in the car and had their picture taken.

Several youth took applications forms for the upcoming VCC NASKARZ trade sampler for the summer.

All in all, it was a great day to get out and meet folks with the youth.

Thanks Patrick (Western Driver) and all the staff and volunteers for once again being a wonderful host, and Rick’s Heart Foundation for supporting our program and making the soapbox racer even more cool.

 Tim Houchen, Sergeant 1823, Vancouver Police Department

It was great to have Naskarz back again this year. Getting kids involved with old cars is important to the show. The judging seems to go over well, and I liked that you had one of the youth do the announcement.

Best, Patrick ~Western driver

Save On Food Partnership

Save On Food Partnership

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

Save On Food approached our Foundation about 20 skids of product they had, that needed to be donated.  Over $15,000 worth of food from coffee, granola bars, cereal and so much more. Mr. Diamond eagerly agreed to coordinate this donation. Rick’s Heart Foundation provided transport of a 53′ trailer and the skids were distributed between the following groups.

Ishtar Women’s Resource Center

To honour, embrace and celebrate the power, resilience, courage and knowledge of all women. We work collaboratively for systemic change where equality means inclusion, opportunity and accessibility for all. We work together locally for a world where all women and girls are safe emotionally, mentally, financially, physically, sexually, spiritually and culturally. 

Luke 15 House

They are a safe home, inspired by God’s unconditional love where respect, hope, structure, and healing are found. They envision a future where any person struggling with addiction can access a proven program in a safe and welcoming home. They strive to expand the scale of Luke 15 House to help as many men as possible. 


They provide rehabilitation ministry to men and women with addiction. Addiction is seen as a symptom of a broken life, as a condition that can be healed through individual inner growth and through transformation to a life that is lived in line with Christian principles and beliefs.

Healing, growth and transformation require time, individual commitment, and a tranquil environment. The two working farms provide a place of beauty, peace and safety for men and women to recover, to heal and to find hope and purpose for their lives.

 Community Supporting Community!