Heart For Music Expansion Update

Heart For Music Expansion Update

Changes are happening over at Heart For Music! 

We are working with two current care homes to expand the number of residents that have access to personal music. This week we have delivered Heart For Music starting packages to four NEW care homes across British Columbia. None of this would be possible without the support of Diamond Delivery and First Canadian Messenger. We partner together on most of our programs and endeavors which helps to increase the impact!


Zion Manor & Czorny Alzheimer Centre Expansion:

At Zion, five new devices have been loaded with resident’s personal music playlists. We are working towards providing them with even more support as their program expands. 

Czorny is looking to grow their program as well, with 25 new music devices. Rick’s Heart Foundation is donating the funds to make this possible. Making it possible to bring music to many more of their residents. 

Four New Care Homes receive Heart For Music starting package:

Rick’s Heart Foundation has offered our Heart For Music program to non-profit care homes throughout British Columbia. We have been working towards this launch for a couple of months, and this week we delivered the starting packages to them!

A special thank you to our incredibly dedicated and passionate program coordinator Janae.  This summer Janae joined our team at Rick’s Heart Foundation, She advanced from our summer student to the Heart For Music program coordinator within few months. Because of Janae’s heart for seniors, her dedication, and love for music the program is rapidly expanding. 

Our four new  Heart For Music care homes our:

An exciting first for the Heart For Music program is that ‘Good Samaritan Village by the Station’ care home is in Penticton. This is very exciting to see the program begin to expand across British Columbia.

What’s next?
Quite a few more facilities throughout BC have expressed interest in the Heart For Music program and we are working to bring this program to them as soon as possible. During the fall/winter seasons, it can become quite dreary and lonely. Adding onto that the stress and isolation of being quarantined. Bringing the Heart For Music program into a care home not only uplifts the seniors spirits but also the staff. It provides joy, a distraction from the chaos and a sense of hope.

In addition to the above four facilities, the second phase of our fall 2020 launch will bring the gift of music to six more care homes later this season! 

Boys and Girls Club Surrey Update September 2020

Boys and Girls Club Surrey Update September 2020

After our Clubs being closed for a couple of months, the team at Boys and Girls Club Surrey were excited that we were able to welcome back some of our members starting in July. Our numbers had to be drastically reduced so we could adhere to the provincial health guidelines, but it was fantastic connecting in person again with our members who really need us the most.

Virtual Programming

For July and August, we continued our virtual programming with specific pre-teen programs, such as What’s New Monday which consisted of games and challenges (all ages), Trivia Tuesday, Pre-teen Lounge, which consisted of some leadership programs but mostly games and a space for the youth to hang out, and Fitness Friday.

Some notable things from the summer months:

During the summer months role-playing games (RPG) became popular as a virtual program during pre-teen lounge. In these games, there is a narrator who leads characters through a quest and on every turn allows them to choose their actions and then see the outcomes of the actions they chose. This RPG features wizards, goblins, healers, and trolls, all with special abilities. A few of our pre-teens got super creative, taking the time to make their characters exactly right and plan all of their actions and it was a hit.

Trivia Tuesday was another program that some of our pre-teens counted as their favorite. One participant in particular suggested new trivia topics he wanted to see every week and came prepared with the research for the topic so he could share his knowledge on the topic as well.

Summer Camp

 We also had a number of our pre-teens in our summer camps this year. While camp looked a lot different, we did try to do some special things to keep the summer fun.

 Sports Day was a day of fun and friendly competition between the activities like “Pool Noodle Races” where the kids had to race each other while keeping a pool noodle between their legs, “Backwards Maze” where they worked together with their teams to lead someone through a maze walking backwards, and “sponge Relay” where kids filled a sponge with water and ran a cup back and forth until it was filled with water.

Surrey Carnival was an event on the last day of camp to honour our regular Fraserview Carnival which was cancelled this year. We had many different games such as Duck Hunt, X marks the spot, fire the cannon, and many more. The pre-teens particularly likes the came “bottle flip: which came from a popular internet red they love and the silly string battle where they go to choose a staff to try and douse with as much silly string as they could from 6 feet away.

After School Programs

Due to COVID-19, we had to restrict the number of members that can come to the Club each day. We are currently operating at 30% capacity, but still have a number of our pre-teens attending in person. Here’s what our September looked like:

Basketball workshop:

Basketball is definitely a favorite amount our youth at the club we noticed some of them not being comfortable playing with the other youth because they haven’t learned the basics. So, we planned a basketball workshop with some of our pre-teens so no one would feel left out. Everyone could enjoy the game together. One of our pre-teens who loves basketball even helped us out teaching some of the other kids!

Orange shirt day:

We had several programs running to acknowledge the legacy of residential schools and spread the message that every child matters. One of these programs was called Kindness Boxes where every participant made a paper box, and everyone filled other boxes with kind messages about them. Our pre-teens have done similar programs before so they took it upon themselves to help (at a safe distance of course) some of the younger kids who were struggling with making the boxes as an unintentional act of kindness, showing us again the great leaders that they are in the club! Below is a picture of the shirts that the pre-teens created to support orange shirt day.

Thank you for continuing to support the important work we are doing with the youth (virtual and in-person) at the Surrey Club while we navigate through these unprecedented times!

To learn more about how you can volunteer with Surrey Community charities like Boys and Girls Club Surrey and Rick’s Heart Foundation, click here

Harvest Bin Project sponsored by Rick’s Heart Foundation

Harvest Bin Project sponsored by Rick’s Heart Foundation

Rick’s Heart Foundation is proud to be an official sponsor of the Harvest Bin project for its 2020/21 school year. For the second year in a row. Our founder (and founder of Diamond Delivery) will be providing free shipping of 75 bins to all 15 schools across British Columbia. 

The BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation (BCAITC) has made it possible for over 900 students to gain an appreciation for BC’s agriculture and the benefits of fresh, locally grown food. 

Why the Harvest Bin Project?

Planting, maintaining, and harvesting a school garden is hands-on, place-based experiential learning, offering several cross-curricular connections to courses at multiple grade levels.

One of the obstacles schools face is there is not an area on school property where they are able to dig up a portion of the school grounds and replace it with a garden. The idea many of the schools have is to build raised garden beds but then are challenged by the cost of the lumber and skills and people to build the raised beds. Thus, the project was created!

The benefits of the Harvest Bin Project

The project is an easy way to get students outside and active, increasing their physical activity and awareness of the environment. The project also allows students to make valuable connections between growing food and food security. Students also enjoy the benefits of eating fresh, locally grown food. From caring for the soil to learning about plant life cycles and pollinators, this program models the principles of sustainable agriculture. Students connect directly with a local farmer, their local garden centre, and local agri-businesses, reinforcing the role of agriculture in their communities.

Planting seeds and watching them grow

harvest bin project rick's heart foundation surrey top charityThe project is growing each year! Each year going forward, 5 new schools will be brought on. In the 2020-2021 school year, we will be offering more online resources for the program! Once the school has been mentored with BCAITC and local farmers, teachers are challenged to continue planting, growing, and harvesting with their established networks.

Learn more about the project

To learn more about the Harvest Bin Project, visit their official website HERE

Heart for Music: LIVE in Concert

Heart for Music: LIVE in Concert

On Saturday, October 3rd, Rick’s Heart Foundation had the pleasure of bringing live music to the seniors at Zion Park Manor for the very first time as part of the Heart for Music program.

The sun was shining as the seniors sang, clapped, and danced along to classic covers by The Braidwood Band, who performed a 45-minute set in the parking lot at a safe distance. The seniors joyfully enjoyed the show from their balconies and through the windows of their rooms.

“Toes were tapping, hands were clapping, people were movin’ and groovin’ to the music.”, a staff member at Zion exclaimed. “The terrace level residents were just enthralled. Everyone really enjoyed themselves.”

A beautiful sunny afternoon at Zion Park Manor in Surrey, BC.

The Heart for Music Program

Following its launch in 2019, the Heart for Music program has lifted the spirits of over 100 residents living in Surrey’s care homes. Our charity has done this by supplying mp3 players, headsets, and custom playlists to the senior care homes in Surrey, BC such as Zion, Kinsmen Lodge, Elim Village, KinVillage, George Derby, and Czorny Alzheimer Centre.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, the need for the program has increased due to the pandemic’s devastating impact on those living care homes. Many families have felt helpless as they have been unable to visit their loved ones as often, leading to feelings of isolation for the nearly 27,000 elders living in these facilities across British Columbia.

Our signature pink firetruck made an appearance. at the event!

heart for music program, charity concert in surrey bc by rick's heart foundation, top surrey charity and one of the best bc charities.

Volunteers and Staff ready to watch the show!

Heart for Music: Music is Therapy

Music has been a proven healer in seniors. Inspired by the 2014 Sundance Film Festival Audience Award-winning film, Alive Inside, our founder — (and founder of Diamond Delivery) created the program to help reignite lost memories and instill positive emotions in those suffering. Over the course of the year, the results have been outstanding.

They sing along, tap their toes, and the calming effect for those elders who are upset or agitated is beautiful!”, said a staff member at Zion Park Manor. Sadly, as COVID-19 outbreaks have become all too common in these facilities, we had to think of an innovative way to continue providing the healing power of music to seniors while keeping these beloved members of our Surrey community safe. As a result, the idea for our first parking lot concert was created! 

The Main Event

The team at Rick’s Heart Foundation arrived at Zion Park Manor at noon on the beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon, sporting our pink face masks to ensure safety while setting up refreshments. With the charity’s signature pink fire truck on display, the stage was set for our special guests, The Braidwood Band. 

The staff at Zion assisted the seniors on their balconies. The residents were thrilled to see the band ready to rock with their instruments. They smiled and sang along to the fun and melodic covers of their classic rock favourites for nearly a full hour. In a time where live music has been eliminated due to the pandemic, it was a real pleasure for everyone in attendance – providing nostalgia not only for the seniors but for us as well!

heart for music program, charity concert in surrey bc by rick's heart foundation, top surrey charity and one of the best bc charities.

The Braidwood Band performs for the seniors at Zion Park Manor!

Rave Reviews

“This was so long overdue – our residents have been starved for the regular entertainment and variety that was the norm around Zion! It was quite moving to see how enthralled they were with the live band – watching all the instruments being played, dancing, clapping, and singing when they heard the songs. For those able to get outside to hear, it was really ideal. Many were stationed by their windows, which were opened so that they could hear really well. This was very well attended (27/35 elders on the Garden Level) and just such a great show of support for our seniors. We can’t begin to tell how much it meant to staff also! They were able to see the joy in the resident’s faces … many who haven’t looked so happy for quite a while. Music definitely touches the soul. It brought me to tears.”

More to come for the Heart for Music Program

The Heart for Music program is just one of Rick’s Heart Foundations various programs that make us Surrey’s top community charity and one of the best charities in BC — but we couldn’t do it without our supporters. We thank you for your continued contributions to the Surrey charity program and hope that you will continue to donate so that we can continue to host more live concerts at care homes in Surrey and provide the equipment needed to offer the program in more facilities across British Columbia.

Check out all the ways you can support future concerts and the Heart for Music program here

About Rick’s Heart Foundation

Rick’s Heart Foundation is Surrey’s top charity for those struggling with addiction and homelessness in British Columbia and beyond. Founded by Rick Diamond, philanthropist, and owner of Diamond Delivery, we strive to create a community built on compassion, partnering with some of BC’s best charities, providing services, and implementing programs to raise funds and lift the spirits of those in need and at-risk, both locally and globally. 

About the Heart for Music Program

The Heart For Music Project is being offered to Not For Profit Care Homes throughout B.C. Rick’s Heart Foundation has initiated this project and gifts each care home with supplies and startup funds. Businessman and Philanthropist Rick Diamond believes that music is a powerful tool that can bring joy and comfort to seniors living with dementia and to those who are lonely and isolated.

Seniors are set up with personal playlists with music that is meaningful to them. No two playlists are the same as it is identifying and providing each senior with their own music that creates such wonderful responses to the music. Once the program is set up it is a wonderful way for families, staff, and volunteers to bring smiles and contentment to seniors.

About Zion Park Manor 

Zion Park Manor offers family values, fellowship, and security within the Surrey community. Their mission is to provide complex care services “in a Christian atmosphere, nurturing a happy, active and independent celebration of life.” By using a holistic approach in caring for spiritual and emotional needs as well as physical and mental needs, these elders experience a better quality of life. Zion Park Manor is committed to providing the highest quality of service with a passionate, dedicated, skilled, and well-trained team.

Boys & Girls Club Surrey June 2020

Boys & Girls Club Surrey June 2020

Exciting report from the Boys & Girls Clubs Surrey for March till June 2020. We are very grateful that the staff got creative with how to stay connected to the youth of our community during this season.


“When everything seems to be going against you, remember…the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.” 

– Henry Ford