Introducing our new Heart For Music logo

Introducing our new Heart For Music logo

Introducing our new Heart For Music logo

As you may have heard, the Heart For Music program is expanding at a fast rate at care homes across British Columbia. Our staff here at Rick’s Heart Foundation wanted a dynamic and multi purpose logo for the program.  Local artist Emily Evans Designs stepped up to the challenge and WOW did she ever come through!

To stay up to date on the Heart For Music program follow us @heartformusicbc.

Heart For Music Providing Christmas Joy

Heart For Music Providing Christmas Joy

We, the Heart For Music team, feel incredibly grateful this Christmas season as we reflect on 2020. The program expanded from six to fifteen locations during a pandemic; this was beyond our expectations.

Many community members donated beautiful handwritten Christmas cards to bless a senior this Christmas. Our staff delivered these Christmas cards, flowers, and gift cards to our local program locations staff and residents. We hope these small gifts show our gratitude and provide some joy.

All of us at Rick’s Heart Foundation are so thankful for our community and all the staff at the care homes that make the Heart For Music program possible! ❤️

“Good news from heaven the angels bring,

Glad tidings to the earth they sing:
To us this day a child is given,
To crown us with the joy of heaven.”

~ Martin Luther

Heart For Music program locations:
  • Kinsmen Lodge Surrey
  • Zion Park Manor
  • George Derby Centre
  • KinVillage Association
  • Elim Village
  • Village by the Station
  • Carelife Fleetwood
  • Hawthorne Seniors Care Community
  • Baptist Housing
  • Arrowsmith Lodge
  • Glacier View Lodge
  • Good Samaritan CA
  • Pinegrove Place
Thank you to every individual who donated, helped spread the word, and supported the Heart For Music program in 2020.

We can’t wait to see the program expand in 2021!

Christmas cards for seniors in our Heart For Music program

Christmas cards for seniors in our Heart For Music program

Rick’s Heart Foundation collecting Christmas cards for senior’s across BC

During your daily socially distanced walk, head on down to Tsawwassen Spring 2020 Festival of Trees (in support of Delta Hospital and Community Health Foundation). Stop by our Heart For Music Program themed Christmas display in support of our seniors. You will see a plastic box at the front of our display, this is for the community to drop off Christmas cards to be given to seniors this holiday. Each card dropped off will brighten a senior’s day maybe even their month.

Help us bring joy to our seniors through the power of music and the written word!

About the Heart for Music Program

Heart For Music provides music therapy for BC seniors living in not-for-profit long-term care facilities. From customized playlists bringing peace, memories, and comfort to providing live concerts right at their doors. The program is currently operational in 15 care homes and hopes it be in 70 by the end of 2021.

About Tsawwassen Spring 2020 Festival of Lights

The sponsorship of the Christmas trees on beautiful Tsawwassen Springs golf course will raise funds for Delta Hospital and Community Health Foundation to purchase a new much needed Colonoscope.

This family friendly community event is a wonderful opportunity to wander through the beautifully decorated forest of trees and spread infectious spirit and the goodwill of the holiday season.

More information on the Tsawwassen Springs 2020 Festival of Lights click HERE.

Thank you to our Care Home staff

Thank you to our Care Home staff

Dedicated to all the compassionate, hardworking, and dedicated Care Home Staff

Working with you throughout this Covid-19 season, we at Rick’s Heart Foundation have seen the incredible sacrifice your facility’s staff have made and the impact you are having on your residents. Through extremely unpredictable circumstances that are affecting your workplace the most, your teams have had to use the full extent of your skills and energy.

This does not go by unseen.

We are encouraged by your resilience and perseverance, as this must be a difficult time for you all. We are honoured to work with you as much as we can at this time.

*Pre-covid photos. We respect the fact that all staff are working long hours with masks 24/7 to protect our senior’s now.

Thank You to the Staff at our Heart For Music Care Homes:

Lower Mainland

Vancouver Island

Thompson Okanogan

 We are grateful that you have trusted us to support you in the incredible care that you are already providing. It is so encouraging to receive small stories and updates on how residents relax and enjoy the music.

 We cannot be close, but our thoughts and hearts are with you.

Warm regards,

Heart for Music Team at Rick’s Heart Foundation

Backpack Buddies on Vancouver Island

Backpack Buddies on Vancouver Island

Backpack Buddies expanding on Vancouver Island

According to Stats Canada, since the beginning of the pandemic, there has been a 74% increase in food insecurity for families across the country. While food insecurity has long been prevalent in BC, the circumstances created by COVID-19 have only exacerbated the crisis. Backpack Buddies has stepped up to help meet this demand.

When Backpack Buddies approached us about securing a new warehouse location, we were so excited for them. Along with Diamond Delivery we moved them to their new Victoria warehouse, free of charge. This Backpack Buddies Victoria warehouse is feeding over 250 children across lower Vancouver Island each week.

Note from Backpack Buddies staff

Rick’s Heart Foundation and Diamond Delivery have done it again! When we shared with them how kids were going hungry here on Vancouver Island, they were there to help, shipping food over every month from our head office in North Vancouver. Due to the ongoing support of Rick’s Heart Foundation and Diamond Delivery we were able to provide meals for kids in 6 schools in Greater Victoria last year. This year as food insecurity increased 74% nationwide, our reach has more than doubled in Victoria and surrounding areas. With that rapid growth came need for new warehouse space and not much time to move. We reached out and Rick’s Heart Foundation and Diamond Delivery showed up again, filling a 5-tonne truck with our food and supplies and bringing to our new site no questions asked.” 

~Backpack Buddies~ 

If you live near Victoria or Sooke and are interested in volunteering please email

 Donate to Backpack Buddies this Holiday Season HERE.

Unique Art to Support Heart For Music

Unique Art to Support Heart For Music

Unique art to support local seniors

This year Rick’s Heart Foundation was gifted 100’s of film canisters by Jeff, The Liquidator. The film canisters where then split between seniors, care home staff, volunteers and local artists. These individuals spent countless hours turning each film canister into a unique art piece. Knowing that these art pieces would be supporting seniors across BC have access to music therapy. Is what inspired and drove the painters.

Until Dec 8, 2020 this artwork will be available for bid or purchase at Heart For Music Auction.

“When we look at the body of evidence that the arts contribute to our society, it’s absolutely astounding. Music Therapists are breaking down the walls of silence and affliction of autism, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.”

~ Michael Greene

What is Heart For Music?

The Heart for Music program was established in 2018 to support the delivery of music to seniors in select long-term care facilities in BC. The program has been implemented in 16 facilities across British Columbia and has delivered tremendous benefits and results. Music provides emotional and behavioral benefits such as stress relief, reduced agitation, and decreased anxiety for seniors. These benefits have been critical due to the osloation caused by COVID-19. 

Heart For Music Auction

The goal is to raise $15,000 for the music therapy program to expand further across British Columbia. Full proceeds help to purchase headsets, music devices, and customized playlists for the Heart For Music Program. Which is delivered to isolated seniors living in nursing homes throughout British Columbia. The auction is full of one of a kind items, adventures and unique art pieces. 

Thank you to all the seniors, care home staff, volunteers and artists who dedicated their time and talent to create these unique pieces of art.