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RHF Secures Donation of Fire Trucks To Nations In Need

Rick’s Heart Foundation has worked with Canadian fire and medical services across the country and secured the donation of a number of operationally ready fire trucks and ambulances. The Foundation is shipping these vehicles to places around the world.

The first vehicles have already been sent: an ambulance by freight to Liberia, Africa, and trucks and ambulances by convoy towards Nicaragua and Central America, where the first 3 fire trucks will be going into service in Mexico early in the new year. There will be many more to come.

These vehicles are incredibly important, but in order to truly build the capacity of these services they must come with expertise as well. It is not enough to just deliver a truck – training is necessary to ensure the vehicles are used effectively and safely.

In order to meet that need Rick’s Heart Foundation is working with groups such as Kamloops Fire Rescue and GlobalFire. These teams provide a way for our own home-grown heroes — skilled and experienced Canadian medics and firefighters — to donate their time to accompany the vehicles and give comprehensive, state-of-the-art professional training to the brave responders receiving them.

Ricks’s Heart Foundation is committed to building on this incredible program, bringing together great Canadian generosity and hard work to help save lives all over the world. We will be looking to deliver up to 5 more vehicles in 2019. Follow us on social media to keep tabs on our progress!


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