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Toque Tuesday 2020

 What is  Surrey’s Toque Tuesday?

Nine years ago, Tim Baillie decided to face homelessness in Surrey head on by introducing the Toque Tuesday; a day of bringing community together to play a little hockey and raise awareness of the homelessness pandemic throughout Surrey. From day one firefighters from the Surrey Fire Department have been there offering their support and getting in on the games.

Today the event has grown into a powerful display of community as local organizations, hockey teams and even the City of Surrey vie for opportunity to be involved. Individuals from the local homeless community are invited to participate in every aspect of the event.

With a focus on the working poor the event promotes donations of practical items such as; socks, warm clothing, and work gear. All donations are then

 distribute the night of the event by Jonquil Hallgate (Community supporter) to whom they are needed by the most.

Rick’s Heart Foundation enjoys participating in Toque Tuesday Hockey and we look forward to participating in the event in years to come. This year on February 4th, our hockey team came together to help raise awareness and funds for the homeless and working poor in our City of Surrey, BC. The day was filled with laughter, passion and a general sense of community. This year we even managed to recruit The John Volken Academy to form a team to join in the event. Some of the other teams that participated in the event were Surrey Urban Mission, Surrey City Council, Surrey Fire Fighters Charitable Society, the RCMP, and the Surrey Eagles!!! The weather couldn’t have been more on point with the snowfall, opening all participants eyes to what life can often be like for those living in the cold.

The Surrey Eagles junior hockey team is involved in Toque Tuesday again and hosted their annual Sock and Underwear Toss during a game at South Surrey Arena on Friday, Feb. 7. That evening, spectators donated new socks, toques, and underwear to toss on the ice when the home team scored against the visiting Wenatchee Wild. Such a Community minded hockey team.

A special shout out to Brad at King of Floors for being a long term supporter for Toque Tuesday, as well as for buying The John Volken Academy students lunch at the event. 

Thank You!

Spotted at the event the ‘Mobile Mission’ van, keep an eye out for the official launch of this creative initiative.

More on the event:

We can’t wait until next year’s Toque Tuesday 10th Anniversary event on February 2, 2021.

For more information on the event or how you can get involved contact

Tim Baillie at

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