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Toque Tuesday 2019

Tuesday, February 5th, 2019 Rick’s Heart Foundation took part in a fun filled awareness event at Surrey Civic Plaza called Toque Tuesday lead by Tim Baillie. All funds raised go towards helping those who live in poverty and homelessness.

Raising the Roof, the charity organization originally started the campaign years ago to raise awareness and funds to help those living rough. Poverty and homelessness should be everyone’s concern.  Individuals and families can so easily fall into homelessness with one missed paycheck.

If you are a senior and on a fixed income, a rent increase means you will be going hungry or not able to get your healthcare supplies. To have one senior homeless is tragic, to know many are is criminal. 

Trying to find a place to rent is extremely difficult even with a solid work record and background check because of the cost of housing. If you are living with alcoholism, drug addiction, a brain health condition or have a criminal record, finding a place to rent is impossible. We have to do better to raise awareness and help those who have fallen through the cracks.

Far too many people have been evicted under the guise of the building needing repairs “Renovictions”.   Long time tenants are evicted, simple cosmetic repairs may be all that is changed and the rent doubles. 

For some of the players, Mike, Fabian and Shane, three men themselves currently living rough and outside in the elements, the joy of the game and the comradery shared throughout the game brought back happy memories of years gone by. 

Rick Diamond of Rick’s Heart Foundation, Mike Musgrove of Surrey Urban Mission and Brad Newell of HeadsUpGuys have been active in our homeless community for many years. Together we can end homelessness.  But it will take all of us pulling together in the same direction.

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