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Uganda Sport Medicine

Rick’s Heart Foundation was excited to support UBC’s Sports Medicine Clinic in Uganda, by donating silent auction items of a First Nations print and Our Heart trackless train rental to Dr Jack Taunton’s Fundraiser. All the donations from the evening, raised enough funds, matched with a donation from the Steveston Rotary Club, to purchase a portable Muscle Tendon Ultrasound.  A very needed machine, as half their National team suffer from muscle tendon injuries. With the ultrasound they canf now diagnose the degree of injury and develop an appropriate treatment program. This is an important program or athletes in Uganda.

For more information visit Uganda Sports Medicine

Renowned the world over as a pioneer in the field of sports medicine, Dr. Jack Taunton was recently inducted to the Richmond Sports Wall of Fame.

Thanks to Dr. Jack Taunton for everything he has done and will continue to do.

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