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Support for Kamloops Food Bank

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In early 2024, GlobalMedic approached us about a need at the Kamloops Food Bank, we were excited to help out. By providing shipping, an entire trailer of shelf-stable food made its way to Kamloops, BC within a few weeks. One thing about working with GlobalMedic’s team is that they answer the call for help swiftly and fully. It is always a pleasure to partner with them to help out our community within Canada.

"Please know that we, along with our clients, are truly appreciative. [The food bank] serves over 7000 individuals in Kamloops, 40 agencies that make meals, 13 school meal programs and 9 smaller food banks in the region."

"Thank you for this beyond generous donation – we are truly grateful." 

"Thanks again for the compassion and generous support."

WHo is Globalmedic

Global Medic’s McAntony’s Menu is a domestic food program. It is designed to complement and support local food bank systems that serve the 1 in 8 families in Canada who are food insecure. McAntony’s Menu is a part of The Grassroots Revolution. The effect of food insecurity is immense, causing increased risk of poor mental and physical health. Food insecure households can have healthcare costs up to 121% higher compared to those who are food secure. Families often have to make the decision to skip meals in order to pay for rent, phone bills, and transportation.

This program mobilizes volunteers and our existing supply chains in order to create 500g bags of pantry staples like rice, lentils, and kidney beans. Volunteers fill these individual bags with food from large 50 lb bags. These bags are boxed up and then delivered to food banks and other support programs to support their clients. Donating food in this way allows Globalmedic to give a family a 500g bag of food for a third to a quarter of the retail price. They make the most of their buying power because they make bulk orders of products in large sizes. Utilizing volunteers allows the cost of creating this product to remain so low.

who is kamloops food bank?

The Kamloops Food Bank operates independently and is a member in good standing of the Food Banks British Columbia and an affiliates member of Food Banks Canada. They believe in a hunger-free community! Below are some of Kathe mloops Food Bank's 2022 impact numbers.


We want to send a HUGE thank you to the incredible team at GlobalMedic for responding to our 85% increase in need with this beyond generous donation of rice, barley, green lentils, red lentils, and green peas! This is not the first time GlobalMedic has shown their support in such a remarkable way and we can’t wait to share this healthy and delicious food with our clients and distribute it across the region. We are truly #grateful❤

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