2nd Ambulance to Africa

2nd Ambulance to Africa

Diamond Delivery and Ricks Heart Foundation are grateful to be able to support Korle-Bu Neuroscience Foundation. Being able to help bring Emergency Vehicles and training to health care professionals is incredible. This ambulance is specifically going to help women in labor. Many lives are being saved because of Korle- Bu and all they do. We look forward to the arrival of this latest ambulance to Liberia.

Statistics and Facts

  • Africa accounts for a big chunk of global maternal deaths. In 2013 about 289,000 women worldwide died during pregnancy or childbirth, and of those deaths 62% occurred in sub-Saharan Africa

  • Poverty fuels maternal mortality, experts say, which explains why death rates are higher in poor countries than in rich ones. “For mothers as well as for their infants, the risk of dying during or shortly after birth is 20% to 50% higher for the poorest…than for the richest quintile,” states a report by UNICEF, the UN Children’s Fund. To put this into perspective, in Chad, just 1% of the poorest pregnant women get antenatal care, compared with 48% of wealthy women. 

    Rick’s Heart Foundation believes money should have nothing to do with healthcare or support for anyone. Along with the Ambulance, training will be provided for the Paramedics in Liberia. This training is critical for the Ambulances success in delivering babies safely. It is great to see direct support for individuals in Africa, this is why we continue to support Korle-Bu.

Karl Gillies and wife (far left), President of Diamond Delivery at the send-off for the Ambulance

Global NEWS

Vehicle used to deliver B.C. patients will now help deliver babies on the other side of the world

Heart For Music Expansion

Heart For Music Expansion

Rick’s Heart Foundation Heart For Music Program first began in February 2019 at Kinsmen Lodge. With the program being so successful this year the Foundation decided to expand the Program.

In November 2019 Kinsmen Lodge hosted a party to celebrate the Program expanding to four new care homes. The event brought much joy, laughter, and new memories to all in attendance. From live music, delicious cake, custom cookies, the pink firetruck, Global NEWS, beautiful gifts presented to the foundation and so much more.

Was a wonderful event ~ Thank You to all involved

This Program would not be possible without the hard work of the following individuals:

June ~ Foundation Volunteer with one of the kindest and giving hearts

Leisa ~ Making this Program a reality

ALL the amazing Staff at the Care Homes


The Care Homes loved the fun of receiving and opening the Program’s start-up gift.



The following care homes have now been added to the Heart For Music Program:

  • Elim Village

  • Zion Park

  • KinVillage

  • Czorny Alzheimer Centre

“I believe in the power

of music. It brings people

out of themselves.

It brings them alive in a

really special way.”

– Sheila Harry,

Kinsmen Lodge

Each Care Home received a Heart For Music Program startup gift

  • MacBook Pro
  • iPod Touch 32 GB
  • Wireless Around-ear Headphones and Wired headphones
  • iPod protector cases
  • Sanitary Headphone covers
  • Charging adaptors and Apple Adaptor cord
  • Individual MP3 players (SanDisk Clip Sport)
  • Downloaded music for iPods
  • Secure storage wall mounted cabinets                         
  • Training, Set up & Maintenance of Program

Rick’s Heart Foundation donated a bench to several of our Heart For Music Program participating care homes. The bench was presented at the event.

Living in heart, and love, and compassion, to make the planet better.

One Heart At A Time

Full event photo album HERE

We are excited to see what is next for this Program


Backpack Buddies

Backpack Buddies

No child should ever go hungry, especially not in our own community. Children are our future and need full bellies to be able to learn their best in school. Rick’s Heart Foundation is proudly sponsoring L.A. Matheson Secondary School in Surrey, BC by sponsoring we are providing 30 kids with backpacks full of food to get them through the weekend. The Foundation also supplies shipping to Backpack Buddies, to help reach more schools. 

Learn how you can get involved at bottom of story!

BC has the highest child poverty rate of any province in Canada

Everyday, tens of thousands of children are going hungry in our communities. Today, the average two-parent, only child, family lives on less than $19,000 per year. With rent, basic living expenses and childcare costs all increasing ten- and twenty-fold in the last two decades, a crisis has emerged for families in our communities.

Basic needs like food, shelter and warmth are now in direct competition with one another. Families are often forced to make trade-offs. Forego dinners this week to pay rent. Skip perishable items so the fridge can be unplugged and the electricity bill kept low. The list goes on.

This is why Backpack buddies are so crucial for our communities’ children and why Rick’s Heart Foundation has decided to become a supporter. To learn more  about this amazing organization visit Backpack Buddies.

Hi Community,

I have to be honest with you – I never realized the extent of child hunger here in BC. I first learned about it back in 2012 by speaking with outreach workers and teachers. They shared stories about how they would store food in their desks to feed kids on Monday morning, paid for out of their own pockets.

20% of children in BC do not know where their next meal is coming from. To give this some context, the average Grade 4 classroom in our province has 23 students. That means approximately 4 students in EVERY classroom leave at the end of the day uncertain if they will have dinner that night. These kids are no more than 9 or 10, yet they already know the pain of an empty stomach and the anxiety of struggling with hunger.

You and I both agree that’s too much for a young child to bear, and together, we can do something about it. That’s why 19 new recipient schools were added to Backpack Buddies’ Friday delivery route this year. We’re now feeding an additional 292 children (1,293 total) in communities across Metro Vancouver and Vancouver Island. This holiday season, we need your help to reach them.

There are children in Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Surrey and in cities on Vancouver Island that are waiting for your help – you can even pick which neighbourhood you’d like to reach. Will you consider supporting a hungry child today?

All it takes is $10 to provide a child in need with enough meals and snacks to keep them fed over the weekend. $360 supports one child for the entire school year. When you ensure a child has enough to eat over the weekend, you fuel their learning, health and personal well-being.

You can support a hungry child in the neighbourhood of your choice here: www.backpackbuddies.ca/neighbourhood

Please give now to provide a weekend, a month, a semester or an entire school year of hearty weekends to a child in need today.

With gratitude,

Emily-anne King
Vice-President & Co-Founder of Backpack Buddies