Pallet jack anyone?

Pallet jack anyone?

Good morning Nancy


yes the pallet jack worked very well and the men are having fun learning how to use it. They are all taking turns.

in the past we had to have at least 4 men plus a manual pallet jack to push up a crate of tools into the container. Now it was done by one man! This is such a Gift to us- especially in these Covid-19 restriction days.

Again I thank Karl Gillies and Rick Diamond for putting us together. Diamond Delivery and Ricks heart Foundation have been so good to CRW.

We now have have a wonderful new partner- Westminster Lifttruck- who is making a profound difference to our team of volunteers- and thus impacts the world, as this allows us to continue to load containers safely and efficiently.


many thanks



Dell Marie Wergeland

Riding it out

Riding it out

Rick’s Heart Foundation is proud to be a supporter of the NASKARZ program. The below provides a glimpse of the reality for our local youth here in the greater Vancouver area. 

Riding it out

At 3 am in the morning when most of us are home in a warm bed some youth are “Riding it Out”. I was shocked that most of the youth in the group even knew what it meant, and some had even done it.

It was explained to me that the bus is warm and once on with a bus pass you can ride till the last stop get off and do it again. The driver will help you and it is a safe shelter from abuse at home.

The youth I question was placed in care as a result of the abuse of his alcoholic father’s neglect and assaults. The youth was one of the kids that I always enjoyed being around. He has a great sense of humor and a happy disposition. I have touched base with him over the years just to make sure he is okay. The years of abuse took a toll on him but he is in a healthy place now.

Image the alternative some of the youth are not as lucky and turn to substances to dull that sort of pain. Many loss their lives to the streets. Very few make it through that sort of situation in good shape. Some drop out of school, some drop out of society or are lost to mental health issue or suicide. None of them come out clean on the other side.  Those that do better have a mentor or relative that steps in to help and ensure that they are looked after. This is why after school mentorship programs have such great success. They help bridge that gap and navigate the pit falls of this uncertain time in their lives, provide guidance which helps them manage the step into adulthood.

Please help support youth mentorship programs so youth can have less time on the bus riding it out and more nights in a safe warm place.

If you wish to support NASKARZ and help our youth please contact Raycam Cooperative Community Centre.

Tim Houchen Sergeant 1823, Founder of the NASKARZ Program 

NASKARZ is an award-winning program designed to promote social inclusion of young people from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside into automotive, social, and educational opportunities. NASKARZ is a partnership between Ray-Cam Cooperative Centre, Vancouver Community College, and Vancouver Police Department. Insurance Corporation of BC credits NASKARZ as one of the initiatives that led to 71% multiyear reduction in car-theft in Vancouver.

Senior’s Art Therapy

Senior’s Art Therapy

Rick’s Heart Foundation often gets donations from Jeff, The Liquidator. Sometimes they can be super random and he knows we are up to making an impact with all donations we receive. This year we received a ton of empty film canisters from an old tv set. We were super excited to repurpose these canisters in a creative way. Our founder made a few phone calls and connected with Chris Harrison from the Kinsmen Lodge, they are a part of our Heart For Music program. The Lodge was grateful for the donation and up for the challenge to utilize them. 

What do you do with a box full of old film canisters?

Paint them bright colours and turn them into decorations for the garden! For weeks now we have been painting these canisters. Sometimes we wonder what movie was inside. It turns out that it takes a few layers of paint to cover the metal, so this project has taken a while. After the paint dries, and layers of the pattern have been added we varnish them to make them more weatherproof. Soon they will be ready for the garden and the fence. Thanks to all of the helpers!!

                         ~ Chris Harrison, Director of Recreation and Volunteer Services at Kinsmen Lodge

“Making art is like giving a gift: evidence of your spirit and that you are here.”
~ Patty Mitchell

These film canisters are now displayed in the garden at Kinsmen Lodge. Keep an eye out across the lower mainland for where these pieces of art will end up. Thank you to Jeff The Liquidator for the donation and to the staff and residents at Kinsmen Lodge for their inspirational art.


A new chapter for KBNF

A new chapter for KBNF

Rick’s Heart Foundation (Rick) and Diamond Delivery (Karl) are long time supporters of KBNF. Here at the Foundation we strongly believe that everyone should have access to quality healthcare and emergency services. Continue reading for the most recent newsletter from KBNF President and Founder Marj Ratel.

A new exciting beginning for KBNF

As we wound down our tenure at the now famous Barn 3, searching for a new home in the greater Vancouver retail estate market proved to be a seeming insurmountable challenge.  While Aaron, Ross, and many of our board members pursued a solution, it remained elusive until the final hour. As Danny, Ross, Ernie and Henry were loading up the final 5 ton truck with the last of our furnishings in ugly winter weather, my cellphone rang. It was Karl Gillies (Diamond Delivery). A new home had been found.

As Rick Diamond, owner of Diamond Delivery (DD) and KBNF’s leading corporate sponsor, and Karl, DD President, had conferred together, they determined that KBNF’s warehousing and shipping must go on. Momentum could not be broken. Lives were at stake. Considering that the budgets in West Africa health care are insufficient to meet even the basic needs of communities, the impact of our medical shipments on health care delivery in West Africa is without question. Due to the generosity of our BC health authorities, hospitals, businesses and citizens, we are able to provide lifesaving resources to transform and deliver compassionate based health care. Consequently, with all this in mind and their financial commitment, Rick and Karl had broached the need of warehouse space with a corporate friend, John Volken.

When John Volken, former CEO of United Furniture Warehouse, sold his company and retired he donated the entire sum of his personal wealth, approximately $150 million, to charity. His philanthropy through the John Volken Foundation supports two main causes – Lift the Children, funding over 90 orphanages in East Africa, and the John Volken Academy, transforming the lives of young people living with drug and alcohol addictions in Surrey, Phoenix and Seattle. As for the orphanages, their ultimate goal is to help each orphanage become self-sufficient and to encourage and educate the children to reach their full potential.

The long-term residential drug and alcohol addiction treatment and life-skills training program is extremely effective because participants not only overcome their substance abuse, but also receive extensive personal development, career preparation, education and healthy-living practice, all essentials  for permanent recovery.

After considerable discussion and John Volken’s approval, 10,000 sq. ft. of space in the basement of the Academy’s Price Pro store was cleared out for KBNF to move in. As I have reaffirmed to Rick and Karl, KBNF could not do what we do without their dynamic support. Coming on board in 2006, Diamond Delivery has been there for us faithfully year after year and are now fully funding our new location. Additional funds to facilitate shipments is another of Rick’s work in progress

Over the past 2 months, Rose coordinated the unloading of 7 containers into functional designated work spaces.

Welcoming John Mwotassubi as our new warehouse manager.

With the advent of our new home, KBNF needed a warehouse manager. Our Board of Directors is pleased to announce that John Mwotassubi has accepted the position. John comes with us with years of experience and knowledge on systems and implementation of new processes. We are so excited to have him join our team and for you to come and meet him. John and Rose will be working closely together on acquisitions, inventory and container shipments as John becomes the new friendly face at the warehouse. 

Please keep an eye out for updates on volunteer hours and when we will be opening up for groups. We are working on this behind the scenes. We miss each one of you and hope that we can see each other soon in our new home, in a safe way. 

We are so thankful for the provision of medical donations, amazing donors and partnerships that enable us to create medical miracles in West Africa. Friends and family, not conducting neurosurgery missions this year has been devastating for many overseas. Lives have already been extinguished while waiting for a miracle. Crisis in North America is exponential in Africa. A shortage of supplies here equals scant to no supplies in many communities overseas. Our support is more critical than ever. So what we can do right now while under global travel restrictions is ship the life saving equipment and supplies needed for the current need and for our future neurosurgery missions. As we expand and upgrade our warehouse operations and inventory system, our aim is to advance the number of medical containers shipped annually.

We need your financial support. It’s more critical now than at any time in our foundation’s existence. Your donations enable KBNF to provide lifesaving medical supplies and support, helping West Africans launch the infrastructure for neuroscience. Your donation enables our foundation to operate and continue the lifesaving work we do.

Thank you to KBNF and all their volunteers, the impact they are making in Africa is astounding. To stay up to date with all KBNF does check out their Facebook page HERE.

Heart For Music Program Update

Heart For Music Program Update

During this quarantine season, the Heart For Music Program has brought joy, hope and sweet memories to our seniors in care homes. Since Heart For Music’s launch in February 2019, 100 residents in six care homes have begun to enjoy personal music playlists picked out specifically for them. 

With seniors living in care homes being cut off from the outside world, Heart For Music is one of the only recreational programs still running in some facilities. Family members have been relieved to know that their relatives are enjoying such an emotional and personalized program. 

Covid has actually opened more opportunities for this program as we are not providing any groups or gathering programs – rather more 1-1’s. This has provided more opportunity to offer this music program.”

~ Czorny Alzheimer Centre

What would our world be without lyric and melody? 

Music is a healing and connecting gift that reignites memories and emotions in the listener. Many music therapists and live musicians have no access to care homes right now, which makes Heart For Music an even more important endeavour. Listening to their favourite songs often re-awakens residents, and it allows staff to connect to them in ways that are otherwise impossible. 

Zion Manor: “They sing along, tap their toes, and the calming effect for those elders who are upset or agitated is beautiful!”

Zion Manor: “We built a wonderful playlist for EA with specifically chosen Caribbean music, jazz pieces and trumpet music (because he was a trumpet player). It was an extremely therapeutic process for his wife to go through his CDs and choose the specific songs that he liked the best. We were so excited the first time he listened to his music on the headset.”

Zion Manor: “GM sings along to the music. Staff say that by listening to the headset, this has focused and sparked something in her. Now she participates in a singalong program which she didn’t do before.”

Because of the generosity of many of you, this program has been piloted in these six care homes; Kinsmen Lodge, Elim Village, Zion Park, KinVillage, George Derby, and Czorny Alzheimer Centre. However, much expansion within the programs is still possible with your help. There are numerous non-profit senior homes in BC and now more than ever seniors are experiencing isolation and a lack of human interaction. Let’s work together to both aid the care home staff and give our seniors the gift of personal music that will provide joy for them in this uncertain time. 

We are raising funds to purchase equipment for this program including: headphones, personal devices, and a donation for the care home staff running the program. We are also collecting used working iPods, iPhones, MP3’s and iPads. 

Thank you for your donations and support which have helped make this all possible! 

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