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Natural Calm Gives Back

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In Spring 2023, we were approached by Natural Calm with an incredible opportunity to help bless others with CALM Magnesium. Knowing this outstanding Canadian-owned and operated company and its quality product, we jumped at this opportunity. Several pallets of Natural Calm were delivered to us in British Columbia from Ontario. 

Thank you to Manitoulin Transport and Diamond Delivery for helping us with the logistics!

As many Canadians struggle to make ends meet, keeping your family healthy with quality supplements can be stressful. At Rick’s Heart Foundation, we do our best to care for our neighbors. When Natural Calm approached us, we were excited to get this Natural Calm into the hands of much-deserving recipients across the Lower Mainland.

The Natural Calm was then distributed with the Help of Janae at Heart For Music, Jamie at Globalmedic (Ontario), Leslie at the Delta Police Foundation, and Tsawwassen Rotary. From individual families through Food Banks to Wagner Farms, hundreds of hard-working health care aids at Care Homes, Mamas for Mamas, Recovery Centres, Delta Police, Delta Firefighters, and many more across British Columbia and Ontario. The Calm was also gifted to several charities and organizations for their hardworking volunteers.

What is magnesium?


Known as the ‘spark of life,’ every cell in your body relies on magnesium. Kids and adults alike need magnesium daily for the essentials: to manage stress, mood, sleep, and even get relief from pain. A multi-tasking mineral, magnesium also works to support heart health, regulate metabolism and hormones, relax muscles, strengthen bones, reduce inflammation, and more. The many benefits of magnesium are backed by thousands of clinical studies over decades.


Why Natural Calm?

There are many magnesium supplements on the market, but…

Natural Calm is the better-absorbing, better-tasting, and best-loved magnesium.
Only Natural Calm has a proprietary formula of fast-acting magnesium, proven more absorbable in a clinical trial.

It works fast — and you’ll love to take it. Natural Calm comes in delicious fruit flavours, free from the stuff you don’t want in a supplement.

Natural Calm is a magnesium you can trust. The #1-selling magnesium in North America for multiple years, Natural Calm is backed by tens of thousands of 5-star reviews and testimonials across Canada and the USA.

~ Natural Calm Website

Thank you to Natural Calm for this opportunity, and we hope everyone who received the Calm has seen the health benefits.