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Support For Ukraine

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We are very proud to help with the local BC shipping for Compassionate Resource Canada and Soap For Hope. Taking care of our neighbors locally and globally is critical to Rick’s Heart Foundation.

If you live on the lower mainland, you can drop donations off at John Volken Market at 6911 King George Blvd from 9 am to 8 pm Mon-Sat. 

If you live on South Vancouver Island, you can drop donations off at Unit 2- 831 Devonshire- off Lampson in Esquimalt.

  • Monday Morning 9-noon
  • Wednesday 9-3 pm 
  • Friday 9-3 pm.

Please call 250.381.4483 to make an appointment for a drop-off.

For large donations across British Columbia, please email

Thank you to everyone for your donations.

Families fleeing
Soap For Hope
John Volken Market Donation Bin

Note from compassionate Resource Warehouse’s Partner Walk With Me in Poland:
Melissa writes:
When I left for the front lines of western Ukraine a week ago, it was anticipated that nearly 500,000 refugees would arrive here in Poland. That number has actually reached a staggering million+ and is growing by the minute; 50% are young children.
Without fail, no one on the border with me has escaped without shedding a few tears. We are all moved with emotion watching exhausted mothers comforting frightened children; minors walking over the border alone, and disabled and sick children being wheeled in grocery carts or any way possible just to get to safety. Silent tears stream down tiny faces as they walk across the short corridor into safety; families separated by war who’ve just said goodbye to their husbands, fathers and brothers.
The response here in Poland by both Polish and Ukrainian communities has been heart-warming. Ordinary people have opened wide their doors, their homes, their churches, their commercial buildings without question to the overwhelming tide of families who need help. They have showed up at the border with food and emergency supplies.
Non-profits and organisations are responding by sending loads of supplies into Ukraine. We watch as truck after truck line up to re-enter; driven by brave volunteers wearing flak jackets for body armour. Normal people. Heroes on the front lines.
We have partnered with three separate groups here on the ground to provide aid; two non-profits and a network of 280 churches who’ve converted their sanctuaries into places of refuge, housing hundreds of families. Poor churches, who once heated their buildings once a week for services are now providing heating and food 24/7. Non-profits, police and aid workers are exhausted many working around the clock with little sleep to meet needs of families who are waiting in the cold. It’s snowed almost every day since I arrived. The weather is bitter cold, with wind chill hovering in the low 20s.
Many of you have asked how to help. Thank you. For now, we are not bringing teams, just nowhere left to stay. Hotels and hostels are full of refugee families. We are empowering local communities to respond. You can help with this first wave of relief by donating.
Pictures taken by Melissa.
The Compassionate Resource Warehouse is so privileged to be able to assist.
– Sleeping mats, yoga mats, and sleeping bags
– First Aid supplies
– Non-word games- checkers, dominoes, snap cards, etc
– Soccer balls, skipping ropes (kids need to expend some energy)
– Warm sweaters – all ages
– Baby and toddler items
colouring books and activity books
– Travel mugs and Bottles
– Cutlery
– Financial donations for shipping and distribution costs, go to
As of March 8th
– 1.5 million have crossed into Poland alone.
– 83,000 have crossed over into Moldova.
– 203,000 have crossed into Hungry
Just a few of the countries where they are fleeing to. The need on the ground is increasing and constantly changing as organizations and supplies are working hard to support.
Our container will arrive in a few weeks, but the need will still be there, and the impact will be great.
Let us not grow weary in doing good….let us continue to reach out and help as we Blessed to be a Blessing
Dell Wergeland,
Compassionate Resource Warehouse

 “Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.”

– Leo Buscaglia.