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Soap For Hope 2nd Quarter impact for 2023

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It always brightens our team’s day when we get impact reports to see how our support is helping to improve the lives within our Communities and beyond.

Dear Rick’s Heart Foundation,

We are delighted to announce that the second quarter impact infographics 2023 reveal a 16% increase in hygiene items delivered to Community Facilities. The increased demand for essential hygiene products in our Communities has also created a challenge for us. We have added over 30 new Facilities to our program this year. However, the number of unfulfilled items due to insufficient funding or lack of products has risen by a staggering 77%, and we had to say no 28,145 times. These statistics shed light on the growing needs within our community, underscoring the urgency for immediate action.

You have the power to effect change and alleviate the struggles faced by individuals and families in need. By becoming a donor, you can contribute directly to changing lives by providing hope and dignity through hygiene.

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