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McAntony’s Menu Summer Deliveries

McAntony's Menu Ingredients_1

This year has brought on new challenges for all Canadians. We were connected with GlobalMedic’s McAntony Menu earlier this year and are grateful to have been able to support several shipments financially already. Most recently, a shipment of lentils and then a full order of food to British Columbia Food Banks. We here at Rick’s Heart Foundation are grateful to be a part of what GlobalMedic is doing for Canadians.


The Why:

1 in 8 households or nearly 4 million Canadians across the country are food insecure. In Toronto, this number is even higher with 1 in 5 households experiencing food insecurity. The effect of food insecurity is immense, causing increased risk of poor mental and physical health. Food insecure households can have healthcare costs up to 121% higher compared to those who are food secure. Families often have to make the decision to skip meals in order to pay for rent, phone bills and transportation.

McAntony's Menu Impact

Food Banks BC truck

Thanks to the generous support of Rick’s Heart Foundation, we shipped over 40,000 lbs of McAntony’s Menu food to Food Banks BC last month! This food was delivered to two of Food Banks BC’s HUBs, Kelowna and Chilliwack. It was then sent onwards to two more HUBs, in Kamloops and Nanaimo. This food will then be distributed to individual food banks in these regions, serving thousands of families across the province.

Our partners at Food Banks BC are especially thankful for this food donation in the wake of this year’s wildfire season. As major evacuation orders are lifted, families are returning home to destruction and financial hardship. By supporting community food banks with donations of McAntony’s Menu pantry staples, we’re helping to alleviate some of that burden and lessening food insecurity as communities begins to recover.

Food Banks BC was thrilled to hear that we’d be able to donate another truckload of nutritious staples, and upon delivery said “Thanks again for thinking of us over here in BC. We so greatly appreciate all the ongoing support you’ve provided.”

Regina Red Lentil truck
GlobalMedic received 24 skids of red lentils from the Regina Food Bank last month thanks to the generous support of Rick’s Heart Foundation. By covering shipping costs, Rick’s Heart Foundation helped facilitate the donation of food that would have otherwise been outside of our budget. 
GlobalMedic volunteers have been re-packing these red lentils, from large 55 lbs bags into 500g portions. These portions are then boxed up and distributed to families in need through food banks across Ontario. 

Thank you to every volunteer, farmer, and staff member who made these food deliveries happen.