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This Summer Surrey Urban Mission Needs Your Help

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Hi Rick’s Heart Foundation,

For many of our community members, summer can be the most challenging time of year.

Too many of our guests spend their days outside in the scorching sun, which is made even hotter by the endless pavement in our neighbourhood. They are often unable to access air conditioning or cold water. Every summer, people in our community die from heat exhaustion.

With your help, this summer we can provide cold water, hygiene items like soap and toothbrushes, and nutritious meals inside an air conditioned building to those in our community who struggle the most.

Your generosity will help to create dignity, care, and safe shelter from the heat.

Here’s the impact you can make:

  • $25 will provide 4 nourishing meals for community members
  • $85 will provide 4 hygiene kits to those living outside who use SUMS services to shower, clean their laundry, use the washroom, and find space to rest. These kits include deodorant, toothpaste and toothbrush, sanitary napkins, sunscreen, and other necessities to help those in shelter or who are living outside
  • $160 will provide 1 week of life-giving bottled water
  • $450 will provide 1 day of meals to individuals for our entire SUMS community including those living in our shelters

Any amount you give will have an impact and will help keep people safe this summer. Please join us today with a gift to show compassionate care for our community’s most vulnerable this summer.

Thank you again for your generosity!


Amber Neufeld
Director of Development, Surrey Urban Mission Society  | (778) 222-0433