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Support For Ukraine Update

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Ukraine/Poland compassionate Resource Warehouse container updates ~ November 2022

Our UKRAINE load was finished this afternoon.

Thank you to the Salvation Army for allowing us to process and then store the boxes at their facility; Thank you to Spinnakers for allowing us to store some pallets in their storage area. Thank you to ICROSS Canada for being our conduit for these loads.

Thank you to the Victoria Korean Presbyterian Church for sponsoring this load! Incredible generosity from those who understand what it is to live under difficult circumstances and what it is like be a refugee.

Amazing compassion for others. We are so pleased to be able to send warm coats, boots, hats, scarves, and sweaters along with Hygiene items…plus so much more.
We have another Ukraine load to organize and load out within a few weeks- so keep those warm clothes and boots coming.

We are experiencing colder weather and some part of Canada are receiving snow- but we have heat and water and are not experiencing the effects and realities of war.

Thank you for continuing to care and reach out to those who are suffering in both Poland and Ukraine.

~ Compassionate Resource Warehouse Facebook Nov 19, 2022

Another container will be shipped this winter, if you would like to donate, please email us at or reach out to the Compassionate Resource warehouse directly. 

The Community across British Columbia is hard at work to provide support to the Ukrainian refugees, and it is inspiring! Along with supporters, Compassionate Resource Warehouse has now shipped two containers to the Poland refugee base. Here at Rick’s Heart Foundation, we feel blessed to be able to help with these containers and provide shipping within the province of donated items. There will be more shipments as the logistics line up. Below you will find photos, news articles, and updates from some of the Organizations working on these projects.

Thank you to every single person who donated, volunteered, and supported these efforts! Remember, welcoming refugees into our Communities with kindness and compassion will help these families with their new start.

Soap For Hope has been providing products (hygiene and linens) weekly to Ukrainian refugee gatherings in Victoria, BC. Some of these families will be transitioning into their own homes this month, and we have provided them the linens (bedding). Laundry detergent, diapers, and make-up will be gifted to Ukrainian families who are relocated to BC. Supporting local Ukrainian families is a joint effort with Salvation Army.

In Vancouver, we donated family hygiene kits for 500 families and will continue to support them whenever needed.

In Nanaimo, we donated family hygiene kits for 20 new refugee families that recently arrived.

~ C. Anne McIntyre and the Soap for Hope Canada Team

Fraser Valley Gleaners Container Arrives in POLAND

How can you help?

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