The Rick’s Heart Foundation bunny painted the town pink in February to support the #anitbullying movement and #pinkshirtday. Bullying is never okay. 1 in 5 children are being bullied, it’s time to stand up, to speak up. This year the CKNW Kid’s Fund theme was ‘Lift each other up’ because when we lift each other up, we see past the things that separate us and see instead the things that unite us as people. 

Our bunny has started popping up around the province, lifting up the community, stepping up and getting the conversation going. The bunny was first spotted in Whistler, BC skiing down the mountain. The next day the bunny was spotted at Soap For Hope in Victoria, BC, polishing up soap. Whenever you see the bunny please take is as a reminder to #bekind and to #beablessing to others.
Enjoy these photos of the first rare sitings of Rick’s Heart Foundation’s bunny. 

Keep an eye out for where the Rick’s Heart Foundation bunny will be next…

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